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1788 Spice Unique Blend of Spices


Handcrafted seasonings by our family for yours. Gluten free and msg free seasonings. Based out of New Richmond, WI.


At 1788 Spice, we're hands-on in every step of our product's journey. From mixing, batching, and bottling to carefully packaging and shipping, it's all done right here by us. We're proud to be a small business that not only has superior spice blends, but we're able to specifically create blends for bars and restaurants across Western WI and Eastern MN. And when we're not spicing things up, you'll find us hanging out at local farmers markets, craft shows, and seasonal festivals. We're passionate about what we do, and we love sharing it with our community.

Direct Sales

Bars and Restaurants 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Original 1788 Spice Chicken Wings Ultimate Season-all

Our Love for the Flavor That Started It All

Our first product, 1788 Original, was created ultimately for convenience. Our family would head north for the weekend and create a one-shaker spice for our favorite cabin beverage, the bloody mary. After many attempts, we found the recipe that stuck with us and soon discovered it was good beyond bloody mary rimmers. 

In January of 2020, the Old World Canning Co. chose to add 1788 to their Kickled Mary mix. This sparked our ambition to turn our hobby into something bigger and my wife and I created our small business 40 Acre Foods. 

-Gary Jessen

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