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Our Gourmet Garlic is all about flavor not salt. At only 20.2% salt you will be amazed by the exceptional depth of flavor. (A well-known national competitor is 70% salt) Gourmet Garlic is great on all the foods you currently enjoy with a touch garlic. 

This Garlic Seasoning has a medium consistency and works great with nearly anything savory. Try it in rubs or on your favorite vegetable medley. It also makes unforgettable garlic bread. The key ingredient is a highquality, dust free granulated garlic sourced from California. It offers a balanced garlic flavor, never hot with a subtle sweetness.

Gourmet Garlic 2 oz.

  • Granulated garlic, Kosher & Himalayan salt, dehydrated celery, red chiles, red bell & jalapeno peppers, onion & chili powder, oregano, paprika, parsley, cornflower (natural anticlumping agent). Natural flavors, spices & citric acid.  

    Sodium content by total volume = 20.2%, Gluten free, No MSG, No added Sugars, No food dyes, No artificial flavors, or chemical anti-clumping agents.

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